A day that we as Moparheads will never forget:

We took the scenic route from Fort Wayne to Milan, Michigan to attend the 1st Annual Milan Chrysler Classic. One scenic stop was in the small town of Edgerton, OH where we passed what used to be a Chrysler Dealership. My Grandmother had worked there for a time, including the fall of '64, when she and our Grandfather bought the '65 Coronet we enjoy today. After this brief side-trip we proceeded to Milan, only to miss the cruise to the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. We proceeded through the rush-hour traffic, and even hit Woodward Blvd. on our way to the Museum. We arrived at the museum less than an hour before closing, so we knew that we would have to hurry. We zipped throught the lower level and some of the second level, only rushing because we had to.


Back in 1999 at the Mopar Nationals, Rick Wright (see the '64 Belvedere on the Friends page) was interviewed by a gentleman who had claimed to be making a video for the new Chrysler Museum. Rick casually went about the interview and none of us thought much of it.


Wondering if anything had come of that interview, my Father wandered into the nice little movie theater there on the Second Floor. He sat down and enjoyed a "reel" about the life and times of the man, Walter P. Chrysler. By the end of the video, I had joined my old man in the theater. Then the video ended and the music picked up, like a promo of another video was coming....

When the next video faded in, The words "Speed and Power" appeared, and there, in the background, smoking the tires in a burnout, was the Meyer Family Racing Coronet!!! My Dad immediately jumped out of his seat, exclaiming "THAT'S MY CAR!!!" There were only two other people in the theater at that time, and they looked at my old man like he was nuts! When the video started, we rushed out to grab Rick and the rest of the gang.


We practically gave Rick a standing ovation when we saw that he had a SPEAKING part in the movie! I'd tell you what he says, but I don't want to spoil it for you. Let's just say that he's got CHARISMA!


And if seeing our Dodge, and our good friend Rick in the video weren't enough, another one of our Mopar buddies' cars is featured later in the video. His personalized plate is shown in a montage of cool Mopar-related plates that flash across the screen.


We stuck around for another loop of the video, and I snapped some pictures. These photos were taken in the dark theater with 400-speed film and no flash.


Here you can clearly see the close-up shot of the Coronet. Grandma and Grandpa never imagined their car would have a part in a museum, especially one as prestigious as the Walter P. Chrysler Museum. Let's just say that Meyer Family Racing is all about SPEED & POWER.


Here's our good friend and fellow Moparhead, Rick Wright. Lookin' good!!


This is the license plate on Eric's '73 Duster!




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