Meyer Family Racing

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2003 Chrysler Classic at Norwalk Raceway Park

Norwalk, OH

Staging Lanes just prior to the semi-finals. Matt Betzel's Black '64 Plymouth, Meyer Family Racing (Lonny) '64 Plymouth, and Sean Dornan's '64 Dodge

Lonny chats with Mike DiCicco. We meet some of the nicest people at the racetracks!

Mike DiCicco's '65 Dodge

Joel Marchand's "Outlawed '65 Dodge

Joel at the office

Joel Marchand movin' out

Marchand & Sons '65 Dodge

Marchand & Sons '63 Dodge

SS/EA Hemi 'Cuda

Wayne McCoury's '62 Plymouth N/SS

The Golden Lancer - outlawed from Max Wedge Shootouts, but may be the car with the most history of ALL of them!

Brian Sharp's gorgeous '66 Wagon

SS/BA '65 Belvedere

Extra Clean '62 Plymouth

Tami Rankl takes on the big wagon

'62 Dodge "THOR"- So UGLY that it's beautiful

'63 Dodge - "old school"

Matt Betzel's SS/DA '64 Plymouth - MW Shootout Runner-up

'63 Max Wedge Wagon


'64 Plymouth Wagon

Harley Day Hangs 'em out! '64 Plymouth

Beautifully restored '64 Hemi - They way they were!

Yeah, it's got a Hemi in it!!

Bob & Craig Marshall's SS/BA '65 HEMI Coronets

Fast, and attractive! This car's got it all!

Max Wedge Pits

Max Wedge Shootout - pair of '64s

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