Meyer Family Racing

and Friends...Rick Wright, Dave Dunse, Dan Dolan, Ron Stensland

2003 Monster Mopar Weekend XIX at Gateway International Raceway

St. Louis, MO

Here's the Gang! (Nearest to farthest) Lonny Meyer, Rick Wright, Dave Dunse, Dan Dolan, Ron Stensland - Tons of Blue Mopars!!!

I drove the Avenger over to St. Louis the morning after watching cousin, Craig advance into the 4th round at the US Nationals

Here we are, bench racing again.

Rick Wright's '64 Plymouth Belvedere

Command Central for Rick

Nice pair of Belvederes, eh?

Dave Dunse's 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

Dave's 125mph office


Dan Dolan's 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Lonny Meyer's 1964 Plymouth Belvedere

Lonny beat friend and rival, Dave Duell in the 2nd round

Lonny raced "Missouri Max" in the 3rd round, strapped a .501 light (.500 is perfect) on him and we re-named he became Misery to the Max!!!

Ready and waiting...

Lonny raced Jim Guy in the 4th round. We almost hated to beat such a nice guy, but Lonny squeaked out the double-breakout affair to earn a bye into the final.

The competition got a lot of this view at This event !!

Lonny getting ready for action...

You know you're into the money when there are only 9 cars left

This very cool funny car ran a match race with a current NHRA alky funny car.




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