Meyer Family Racing

1964 Plymouth Belvedere

Winner of the $4000 Monster Mopar Weekend XIX

Max Wedge/Nostalgia Super Stock Shootout

September 7, 2003


About the winning car:



Car Owners, Lonny Meyer & Bill Meyer

Crew - Brian Meyer

Best ET = 10.826, 123.50 mph


This rust-free jewel was found on the internet and over the past winter was transformed into a ground-pounding Nostalgia Super Stocker. Work included removing the original drivetrain and installing the drivetrain from our 1965 Dodge Coronet. Pictures below show how the work progressed. The car made its racing debut at Indianapolis Raceway Park, posting a 10.82 ET, very similar to the times the Dodge has posted. We are looking forward to a successful and FUN season of racing in Max Wedge Shootouts!


The Plymouth as it debuted at IRP 3/03

Offset nostrils ready to inhale the competition

(Place hood scoop here)

Just prior to engine installation.

Things are looking up! Entire front suspension from the Dodge has been transplanted.

It's all in the name.

Even the license plate will be transferred from the Dodge. Emergency cut-off switch.

Rear Quarter shot.

Fuel cell and weight boxes. The battery is not mounted yet.

Just prior to engine installation.

Interior shot. New carpet from Auto Custom Carpets, Grant GT Steering Wheel, and Roll Bar by Matt Wright at BRC Racecrafts

Lonny wiring up the accessories.

Manual Steering out of the Coronet, with rebuild kit from A&A Transmissions

First race of 2001 we broke a ring gear. This should solve the housing flex that created that situation.

Wheel wells are widened about 2" by Matt Wright at BRC Racecrafts

Belvy on Lift

The hot new setup. Cal-Trac rear suspension.

Front suspension from the Dodge, just prior to installation in the Plymouth.

Some "before" pictures: