1965 Dodge Coronet 440 Max Wedge Nostalgia Super Stocker Owner - Bill Meyer

 Cool video

Drivers - Brian Meyer, Lonny Meyer, and once in a while Wild Bill himself..

Best E.T. 10.691 @ 126.50 mph!


This car was bought new in the Fall of 1964 by my Grandmother and Grandfather. My Dad talked them into the two-door hardtop instead of the 4-door. The only options are retractable seat belts and variable speed wipers, and the car is RADIO DELETE from the factory.

The original 318 Poly was pulled in favor of a bored 413. This engine achieved low 12 second timeslips, but was not quite fast enough for us. Subsequently, Mike at Beachy Racing Engines in Kokomo, IN built a 440 short block. Now it runs consistent 10.80's, and as you can see, it pulls the front wheels!

The real treat is the MaxWedge Intake with twin Edelbrock Carbs that makes its home under the hood. With this setup, we run Nostalgia Super Stock and Max Wedge Shootouts. Thank You to all the racers who don't mind a slight anachronism and let us run with them!

Our car has appeared at 15 Mopar Nationals, 3World of Wheels, 4 Mopar Muscle Southern Classics, 1 NHRA National Event, Several NHRA Divisional Events, 2 Muscle Car Nationals, 2 Chicagoland Mopar Shootouts, 4 Monster Mopar Weekends in St. Louis, 4 National Sportsman Open NHRA races, a National Hemi Owner's show, and many other shows and races. It has won numerous awards.

With me behind the wheel, the car was shown on ESPN's coverage of the '96 Mopar Nationals, running in the Max Wedge Shootout.

I was also shown on the '97 coverage on ESPN2 winning the semifinal round of the Mopar Nationals. After which, I was interviewed by "Big Daddy" Don Garlits. Sadly, my moment in the spotlight ended up on the cutting room floor. I lost a close race in the final to the historic Mr. 5 and 50 Nostalgia Super Stocker then owned by Jerry Stein.