Meyer Family Racing


2005 Jeg's Sportsnationals

Columbus, OH

Steve Baughman's '68 Barracuda - Hemi Shootout finalist! Steve ran a best ET of 8.93

Darrell Marvell vs. Dean Mink

2nd Round. Mink won with a 9.07 as Marvell got squirrely

Bob Wolkwitz red-lights in 2nd round vs. Charlie Westcott, Jr.

Fred Henson vs. S. Baughman - The two cleanest SS/AA cars on the property, in my opinion! And Baughman wins on a HOLESHOT! 8.98 to 8.93. Fantastic .010 light!

Time trial action - Jim Pancake's '68 Hemi Barracuda ran a best of 8.81 at over 150mph!

Dave Barton's Dart was in the hunt with a best of 8.90, but fell to Westcott's outstanding 8.80 in round one

Bucky Hess's Barracuda ran well in qualifying with an 8.85, but fell of in 1st round.

Dean Mink killed them with consistancy and earned a semi-final berth running a best of 9.01.

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