Meyer Family Racing


2005 Jeg's Sportsnationals

Columbus, OH

Terry McGee wheels the "Dodge Material" SS/BA '65 Dodge Hemi Coronet of the Marshall clan

Danny Smith's AWESOME '67 Plymouth Belvedere. Kudos to Danny for running this FACTORY Hemi car like it was meant to be!! Best run was a strong 9.71.

Our engine builder, Mike Beachy qualified 43rd with his GT/DA Firebird.

Tony DePillo drives the beautiful SS/B '64 Savoy. Yeah it's got a four-speed!! Oh, and a Hemi, too. Tony ran an outstanding 9.12 and qualified in the top 10 of Super Stock.

Bob Marshall drove his venerable '65 Hemi Coronet in SS/BA. The Marshalls fielded a total of four cars in Super Stock!

Bill Koski and Larry Hill qualify their unique stockers. Is this the modern day "Junior Stock"? Koski's '66 Belvedere utilizes a 273 cu. in. engine with a 4-speed tranny.

Gotta love a big-block convertible! Charles Green's '69 Ford Mustang 428 cu. in. performed some serious skywalking.

Another cool Mustang was Jim Conte's '69 version. Beautiful white paint with blue pearl and blue stripes made this a true pleasure to watch. And he ran almost a second under his index, too!

Kevin Melhorn's neat GT/FA Baretta did some even neater wheelies.

Eric Wingo slammed the gears in this 4-speed '66 Chevy II with 327 cu. in. plant.


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