Meyer Family Racing

2005 Jeg's Northern Sportsnationals

Columbus, OH

Brian Sharp's GORGEOUS '72 Duster runs as good as it looks. Brian lost a close race in class eliminations with a fine 11.11 ET.


Brian Sharp on a qualifying run.

John Tolliver driving the '65 Plymouth H/SA with a 426 Street Wedge engine. Not a Hemi, not a Max Wedge!

Bill Beaudin's impressive Motown Missile '71 Challenger. I believe the engine is a 440 Six Pak.

Beaudin pulled some huge wheelies throughout the weekend. I caught this one on the way down.

Jim Bailey's immaculate '63 Dodge 440 with a Max Wedge engine package. They just don't come any cleaner than this one!

All is right with the world when an old Dodge heats 'em up!

I was seeing Hemi Orange in the staging lanes. Two prime examples of Mopar muscle.

John Shaul lived and died by the sword at the SportsNationals. After winning the A/SA class on a holeshot, he then lost in the SEMI's with a bad light. John qualified 12th with a very strong 10.17 ET and won 3 rounds of class eliminations and 5 rounds of the eliminator in all.

Mark Dickerson took home the F/SA trophy with a best run of 11.01.

Tom Sheehan won his class and qualified 23rd in his 318-powered Sebring, or should I say his 5.2L powered Sebring?

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